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Saturday, August 17, 2019

What If Christine Turned Part 2 A Daniel What If


Hey guys Ryan Melrose here and welcome to another What if. this time I welcome you to What If Christine turned part 2. This is a What if scenario based off the webcomic Daniel by Sarah Nelson of Vermillion works please visit her sight at 

previously on this What if Daniel had just revealed to Christine the origins of his transformation. After hearing the tragic tale of her ex attempted murder of Daniel Christine snapped and under went the same ritual that changed Daniel into a Vampire 
As a vampire her craving for human blood got the better of her imediately and she well made short work of the new caretaker. Thats what you get for working the graveyard shift..
Now on the positive Daniel and Christine could truly be together for all eternity. Who cares if a few innocents get drained along the way.

Soon their romantic reign of terror begin. Christine had revenge on her mind for how the town use to shun Daniel for him being a unsuccessful unconfident door mat. They first took out that nosy detective the one that nearly killed Daniel. This ofcourse left Molly an Orphan who has since been evacuated from the town. Will she ever come back we'll see.

Now came the wedding of Christine and Daniel since most of there friends either skipped town or were eaten Daniel and Christine had to abduct some wedding guests and a priest who well needless to say became the feast after the vows were said..

needless to say it was quite the masacre but not as bad as their honeymoon mind you checking in to a local Inn ordering room service who were never seen again obviously. You couldn't tell who the worse of the two were Daniel or Christine their blood lust. like The time during a drive Christine ran down a Back packer then drank him dry.
It's quite a big trail of bodies Still Christine felt a little sad and angry that she couldn't kill Wayne herself for what she did to Daniel and ultimately drove her to. but never fear Danie knows just how to cheer her up. All this time he had kept Waynes severed hand. He had it chained for her as necklace and snack. Isn't that just romantic. Then suddenly over the next few nights Christine has been throwing up and moody.
Congratulations Daniel Christine is pregnant. Which means Daniel has to find a way to build their dream home  with out any construction skill. He tried on his own but failed epically. Now he had to make the decission to turn a group of costruction workers into vampires to help him build his dream home which actually worked immortality is quite the offer. 9 months later had passed and there new daughter Danine was born. They named her Danine from a merger of their names.

ans let me tell you she is a chip of the old block 

a design for Danine. Now this is where we'll leave things for now let me know if you guys would like a part 3

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